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Retirement looks different for everyone. Whether your golden years look like getting involved with your community, contributing to your business for as long as possible, or relaxing on a sandy beach, we are here to help. We lay out a simple one-page plan for how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

retirement planning charts

Withdrawal Strategy: Tax diversification, withdrawal rates based on market performance, and asset allocation based on your scenario all play important roles in maximizing retirement withdrawals. Our goal is to guide our clients to as much margin of safety and tax flexibility in retirement as possible. The earlier we can guide their savings, investing, and tax buckets, the better their outcomes typically are.


Inheritance: Investment account inheritance wishes are often accomplished with simple TOD ordinances and beneficiary assignments. However, we enjoy attending estate planning meetings with attorneys to add our subsect of knowledge to the planning process. Small things like per stirpes vs. per capita make a big difference in how assets transfer to beneficiaries.


Trusted Contacts: It is important to know who can contact the bank in the unlikely case of your inability to do so, but this is often overlooked. We are here to ensure you have a plan for the big and small things like this.



Conservative Investment Allocations: During retirement, the goal is often to conserve the wealth you’ve spent your lifetime creating. We assist our clients in thinking through the options on the conservative front, from high-interest rate savings accounts to bond investments ranging in duration and risk, large-cap value stocks, and even single premium immediate annuities in some cases.


Separate Investment Buckets: Investment buckets vary depending on the client's risk tolerance and the dollars available. However, if someone has a low standard of living and we can cover their annual bills with a portion of their portfolio, then it gives us the flexibility to invest the other percentage for different specific goals or possibly take on more risk for a higher potential return depending on market conditions and specific investment performance.


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