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At Flat Fee Financial, we help you make friends with your finances.

Financial planning is more than just numbers. Our desire is to provide guidance along the way, helping you avoid mistakes and make wise decisions based on your personal goals. We combine modern technology, efficient processes, and personalized attention to help you on your path. 

Stephen Boatman


My Story


I started my investing career managing an endowment fund with 11 other selected students at Appalachian State University through the Bowden Investment Group. I then worked at a boutique wealth management firm in Greensboro, NC, for eight years before opening Flat Fee Financial in my hometown of Charlotte, NC. Helping others make their dollars go further, avoid financial potholes, and think through large financial decisions is a passion of mine, and I am honored to be a guide for my clients.

My Earliest Investments


When I was seven, I purchased a guitar for $6 at a garage sale, put strings on it for $20, and sold it to my friend's mom for $80, all in a weekend. And now I can invest but can’t play guitar. there’s always a trade-off.


My Favorite Finance Books


  • The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

  • Flash Boys by Michael Lewis

  • The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

  • The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

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Outside Of Work


A few organizations that have positively impacted me are 1-2-1 Mentors, Search Ministries, and Project 658. I enjoy chess, rock climbing, cycling, and pickleball.

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